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Angelo Grazioli

AKA angelsomething

The Story

So Far

Constantly in a state of quantum superposition.

Moved to London in 2006 and loved it ever since. It is Home for all intents and purposes.

Born somewhere somehow around 1985 on a little island in the Caribbean on a dark and stormy night or maybe a sunny and lovely morning. No one knows for sure. Alas, being raised first in Luxembourg and then in Italy by a German woman and distant father, seldom passing by both Belgium and France, can severely confuse one's sense of belonging.

In London I have been a photographer and a restaurant owner. Now I fix things and sometimes people.

My daughter and my Son are what I truly live for.

Currently Studying Psychology & counseling whilst also working in IT as a Consultant in London. Music, technology, physics, flavor, passion, hedonism, the Universe, Zen, beauty and Love: these are the topics that I am passionate about.

Occasionally feeling a bit of a philosopher, often a hard core thinker and every so often a skilled communicator. I can annoying about other stuff too, like art, books, comedy and the meaning of life.

I am fluent in English, French and Italian; I may understand some German and chew some Spanish. I tried studying Chinese mandarin for a while but couldn't practice with anyone so I forgot most of it. Not sure I'll ever know Kung-Fu but I honor my life with a Zen attitude towards it.


What I Do

IT Consultancy - Networking - Website - Business management - Getting started with your new business - Legal matter & HR

Business Consultancy

IT, from networking to webdesign

Legal dispute and HR

Consultancy Service for Medium and Small Businesses

Legal Consultation.

First Consultation £50 +VAT then £75 +VAT per hour

Miss Green as Matters Of Law

Business Consultancy.

Minimum Consultation fee £95 +VAT

Angelo Grazioli Consultancy

IT, Networking & Web Design.

£95+VAT per hour and Wed Design Minium Fee of £600 +VAT

Angelo Grazioli at West One Technical

The things I have done

So far

Over the last 10 years I have been a photographer, a web designer, a restaurateur and an IT consultant.

Here below is some of my work as a photographer and some websites I helped create.

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